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 Falconry introduction

Join us for a hands on hunting experience with Hawks and Ferrets. Experience the beauty of flying and hunting with our majestic harris hawks in beautiful rural settings near Edinburgh. Offering full and half day trips, you will have the opportunity to fly the hawks to the glove, hunt rabbits, squirrels, pheasants and partridge with our Hawks and ferrets and watch as they find their quarry.

Catering for up to 6 people, our falconry sessions are available from October until the end of March; after which we rest the hawks. Please note these sessions are very popular and it is advisable to book early to ensure your preferred date.

We have two harris hawks called Kass and Sky. Kass is very experienced and will do her best every time. She has caught over one hundred rabbits, and also pheasants, grey squirrels and a dirty rat.

Sky is a juvenile female and is learning her trade fast. Both Hawks fly free around 2lb in weight and will follow us as we walk.

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